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What are portable generator power station?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Sensible heat storage ofportable generator power station

Sensible heat storage is a process of storing or releasing heat by increasing or decreasing the temperature of a material by utilizing the heat capacity of the material.the principle of sensible heat storage is simple, the material source is rich, the cost is low, it is the earliest research, the most extensive use, the most mature technology solar energy heat storage method.in the low temperature range, water, soil, sand and rock are the most common heat storage materials.in the design of hamburg eco-village in germany, a large storage tank with a capacity of 4,500 is adopted as a storage device for solar energy collected during the four seasons.kreetz put forward the idea of installing water pipes in the heat collection shed of the solar chimney power station as an energy storage system.


Solar sensible heat storage has a tendency to develop underground.the underground sensible heat storage of solar energy is more suitable for long-term storage, with low cost and less land area. Therefore, it is a promising way to store heat.washington, dc, area of underground soil to store solar energy for heating and hot water, and life can offer at the end of the summer, soil temperature may rise to 80 ℃, and at the end for the warm season, temperature dropped to 40 ℃.in addition, the storage of solar energy in underground rocks and the storage of solar energy in underground aquifers have been extensively studied.however, due to the sensible heat storage material is depend on the temperature of the heat storage material change for heat storage, not constant temperature heat release process, the heat storage density is small, makes huge thermal storage device, and with the surrounding environment temperature difference, heat loss, heat cannot be stored for a long time, not suitable for long time, large capacity storage quantity of heat, restrict the further development of the sensible heat storage technology.

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