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Use of household solar power generation systems
- Aug 01, 2018 -

With the rapid development of solar power generation, more and more people have installed household solar power generation systems. What should be paid attention to when using household solar energy systems?

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1. Load selection:

(1) The total load power should not exceed the output power of the solar panel or controller.

(2) The load power should be selected according to the capacity of the battery. The basic requirement is that the solar energy stored in the battery can meet the energy or surplus of the load for one day in normal daylight.

(3) For the AC load, an appliance that can apply the output waveform characteristics of the inverter should be selected. If you are using an appliance that can only use a sine wave, you should select an inverter with a sine wave output.

2. Precautions for installation and use of home solar photovoltaic system:

(1) Strictly avoid short circuit of various household appliances and wires, and the installation of solar panel brackets must be firm and stable;

(2) The solar panels must be installed at the correct azimuth and inclination angle to avoid dust pollution, and the tank should be protected from water wetting;

(3) When the voltage is indicated in the warning zone below 11V (red zone or hear the alarm sound), it indicates that the battery is insufficiently charged, the switch should be turned off immediately, stop using, and recharge to the normal use area (or green area) above. Use (except products with automatic control);

(4) After the solar panel or controller and inverter are connected, it is not suitable for plugging and unplugging frequently;

(5) Do not tilt the cabinet, and do not invert it to avoid electrolyte spillage, damage to equipment or injury to the human body;

(6) The battery must not be short-circuited, otherwise it will damage the battery;

(7) The lamps must be equipped with special high-efficiency energy-saving lamps. Do not use other lamps. Do not touch the lamp electrodes. Do not extend the wires or other electrical wires. It is best to fully charge the batteries before use;

(8) It is strictly forbidden to connect DC power supply and electrical appliances to AC power supply.