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The future global solar tracking stent to the Chinese market share of only 11%
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Recently, Bloomberg New Energy Financial Report made market expectations for the global solar tracking stent market. The report pointed out that the solar tracking stent market is bright. It is estimated that the solar tracking stent market will reach 56 GW by 2017-2020, with the market mainly concentrated in the United States , Followed by China and India.

The report noted that in areas with good lighting conditions, the installation of tracking systems can increase the output of photovoltaic power plants by 20%, but the system cost is only increased by 5 cents per watt. According to the comprehensive calculation, the cost of tracking solar energy can be reduced 12%.

The United States is the most widely used solar tracking system in the world. The tracking superiority has been continuously confirmed and recognized, and the market scale is expected to further increase. China solar tracking system is in a growing trend. From 2017 to 2020, the installed capacity of PV in China is expected to reach 160GW, 75% of which are large-scale ground power stations. However, due to the long-term problem of power rationing in the western region where the lighting resources are abundant, Therefore, the relative benefit of electricity tracking solar energy system development is limited. As a result, the proportion of China's tracking system is still small.

Therefore, from 2017 to 2020, China's solar tracking system accounted for only 11% of the world. In addition, the quality of China's solar tracking system can not be guaranteed and it is one of the factors that make the elbow. If we can improve the quality of the system installation, China's solar tracking system is expected to be more optimistic.