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Solar Energy Storage Power Function Introduction
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Solar energy storage power function introduction

Solar energy storage power sources include solar energy storage battery packs for street lamps, solar energy storage battery packs, which can be used for solar energy or household energy storage products, and solar energy storage power supply manufacturers can make various solar energy storage batteries for you. The solar energy storage power supply adopts rectangular parallelepiped design. The seals are sealed at the head and tail of the battery pack to prevent water in the battery pack. We will design the solar energy storage power supply according to customer requirements. A solar energy storage power product is packaged on the exterior with a blue PVC film. The entire street lamp solar energy storage battery pack is not placed in the street lamp box, but uses the output discharge port and the charging port form to carry on the battery PACK design production, this is also the customer specially requests, moreover this kind of special matching plug is also the customer designated with it Energy storage products are sealed, of course, this solar energy storage power group can also meet customer requirements.

The solar energy storage power source is a green and environmental energy source because it has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, durability, and easy handling. The solar energy storage power supply is suitable for villas, areas where the power grid can not be covered, natural disaster-prone areas and border areas, and mobile populations (such as beekeeping households, fish farming households, etc.), not only for lighting, but also for television and retraction. The power of the machine. The solar energy storage power source has reliable quality, stable performance, and safe use. The solar energy storage power supply has a variety of automatic protection functions. The company is responsible for on-site installation and maintenance.

Solar energy storage power function introduction:

The solar energy storage power system is mainly composed of a solar battery square array, a battery, and an inverter control integrated machine, and its functions are as follows:

1. Solar cell array: The role of the square array is to convert solar radiation energy directly into electrical energy for use by the load. Generally, a number of solar cell modules are connected in a certain manner, and are equipped with appropriate brackets and junction boxes.

2. Battery pack: The battery pack is an energy storage device for a solar array. Its role is to store the surplus electric energy generated during the sunshine of the square array and use it for the load in the evening or on rainy days. In solar photovoltaic power generation systems, the battery is in floating charge and discharge state, and the amount of sunshine in summer is large. In addition to supplying electricity to the load, the square array also charges the battery; in winter, the amount of sunlight is reduced, and the stored electric energy is gradually released. The battery is charged, (while the square array is also used to load electricity), and the night's load power is all supplied by the battery.

3. Inverter control integrated machine: to prevent the battery from over-charging and over-discharging, to prevent the battery from discharging through the solar cell square without sunlight, and the solar energy storage power supply reverses the low-voltage direct current provided by the square array and the battery into 220 volt alternating current for load use.