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Portable UPS Power Supply Is A Model Of Reliability And Manageability
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Portable UPS power supplies are portable, portable power backup products. Portable UPS power supply adopts intelligent CPU control mode, key switch controls each channel output, large-screen LCD display, plus the most advanced power lithium battery technology, strong output power, high current output, providing pure AC sine wave, different DC voltage output Two modes to facilitate the needs of different mobile products.

Portable UPS power supplies provide high-density, true dual conversion online power protection for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. Portable UPS power supplies are available in heights from 2U to 12U and can support loads from 1 to 20kVA in rack/tower convertible form. The latest 15kVA and 20kVA series expansions can support power-consuming blade servers or heavy equipment racks. When critical business systems require hours of operation rather than minutes, portable UPS power supplies can be configured with matching battery packs to meet high specification runtime requirements. The supporting PowerChute management software can provide an unattended smooth shutdown for the network operating system. All models 5kVA and above include an integrated network management card for remote management (optional for models up to 5kVA). Even in demanding power environments, portable UPS power supplies can provide customers with reliable uninterruptible power supplies, including a very wide input voltage window, extremely tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction.

Portable UPS power supplies are trusted by millions of IT professionals around the world to protect equipment and critical data from costly interruptions by reliably and efficiently providing reliable network-level power. Portable UPS power supplies come in many forms and types (entry, standard, and extended run time types), and there is always one model available for almost every application and budget. The standard type is the most popular UPS in the world for enterprise servers, storage devices, and network devices. Portable UPS power has long been considered a model of reliability and manageability. Various entry-level portable UPS power supplies are an economical choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking to protect small network equipment, point-of-sale (POS) equipment, and entry-level servers.