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Portable refrigerator principle
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Multi-purpose portable refrigerator features: no electricity, chemical energy; small size, light weight; removable, easy to carry with the user. Portable refrigerator by the refrigerator insulation shell, refrigerant storage bags and chemical refrigerant composition. Refrigeration can be used with the refrigerator, cooling time by adding the amount of chemical energy to decide. The temperature inside the box can be reduced to zero degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees Celsius, suitable for field high temperature operation; days when hot, long-distance transport of goods preservation; sick body cooling first aid; is also a good friend of hot weather tourists.

The portable refrigerator is composed of a refrigerator heat preservation shell, a thermometer, a nylon carry (back) bag, a refrigerant plastic bag and a chemical refrigerant, and is characterized in that: 1. The refrigerator and the heat preservation shell are made of polystyrene foam, Stereotyped manufacturing. 2. Insert a groove and a hole in the front of the top cover of the heat preservation enclosure and insert a right angle thermometer. 3. For convenience of carrying, configure a nylon carry (back) package outside the heat preservation enclosure of the refrigerator. 4, refrigerant plastic bags made of polyethylene film, its size can be based on the size of the refrigerator