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Portable folding solar charger: effective equipment for outdoor activities
- Sep 26, 2018 -

In theory, most of the energy on the earth comes from the sun. Plants convert solar energy into bioenergy through photosynthesis. Ancient solar energy was stored underground in the form of oil, coal and natural gas. Humans are also exploring ways to use solar energy more efficiently. Solar energy is a kind of clean energy, but because the technology of converting solar energy directly into electricity is not mature in the past, solar charging equipment has not been accepted by many people.

portable folding solar charger.jpg

Now solar technology is very mature, so solar energy charging equipment is also increasing.

For example, this Lynsa outdoor portable folding solar charger has subverted the impression of solar chargers. It looks like a small blanket, with a few small solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity quickly, and it is foldable, very portable, and suitable for friends who often go outdoors. For example, mountain climbing and adventure enthusiasts sometimes go to places where there are few places to go. The electricity is not available. Of course, it is impossible to find an outlet to charge the mobile phone. But this portable folding solar charger is much more convenient, as long as there is sunlight to charge, even in cloudy days can be used. No more fear of power failure.

portable folding solar charger-4.jpg

Grinding surface, no bubble residue, smooth surface, clear texture, not only beautiful, but also to extend the life of solar panels.

portable folding solar charger-2.jpg  portable folding solar charger-1.jpg

The surface is high transmittance ETFE, the back is high waterproof PET, light texture, soft feel, good waterproof, solid integration, folding deformation.

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Lynsa outdoor portable folding solar charger can automatically detect the internal management chip of mobile phones, output appropriate current, compatible with more than 95% of the market brand mobile phones, flat, ipad, psd, mp3, mp4 and other digital products.

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