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How To Choose High Quality Solar Folding Bag?
- Apr 23, 2018 -

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, solar energy storage has become more widely used.

Solar Folding Bag is a new type of solar energy storage product that has the characteristics of being foldable and convenient to carry. It is a backup energy storage product that is essential for travel outdoor activities.


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Solar folding bag

 How to choose high quality solar folding bag? However, it has been plagued by a large number of consumer customers. Today, Lynsa has made a summary of the use, performance and types of solar folding bags. It is believed that they will help those in need!

Solar folding bag use:

Solar folding bag is a new type of solar energy storage product with intelligent adjustment function, which can adjust different output voltage and current. Can charge MP3.MP4.ipad, digital camera, mobile phone and other digital products. Solar folding bags have small size, high capacity and long service life. It is suitable for working conditions such as business trips, tourism, long-distance car rides, field work, and student backup power.

Solar folding bag performance:

1, conversion efficiency, refers to the conversion of light energy into electrical power, ordinary solar folding bag conversion rate of 14-16%, the charging speed is slow, good solar folding bag conversion rate can reach about 23%.

2, regulator chip, play the role of control circuit and protection circuit. The general solar folding bag, the use of general quality regulator chip, can not be a good control circuit, it is easy to reduce the battery life of our digital products and even damage the digital products, it can be seen a good voltage regulator chip is very important.

3, solar folding bag charger accessories, this problem is most likely to be ignored by consumers, but it is the most can not be ignored. There are bad sellers in the market that use inferior accessories for greater profits.

Solar folding bag type:

Solar folding bags are generally between 5W-300W, so it is not easy to use the power.

Manufacturers can customize solar folding bags (size, power, shape, number of folds, output interfaces, etc.) according to the needs of consumers.


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Solar folding bag application

Having said so much, I believe we have a new understanding of solar folding bags.

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