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How to choose a portable power supply
- Jun 21, 2018 -

1, Before the purchase preparation, that is, to initially locate the capacity and brand. Before purchasing mobile power, we must first consider several issues in light of our own needs: what is the specific purpose, what is the occasion to use, whether it is a short-term emergency, or a long time to go out for use. If it is used for emergency charging, then it is necessary to choose a relatively small product, such a product is easy to carry, you can also make a call while charging, but the battery capacity is relatively small. If it is used for outdoor use for a long time, then it needs some products with large battery capacity. Such products are relatively bulky and not very convenient to carry.

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2, The choice of energy storage medium. At present, the main batteries used in mobile power are nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, liquid lithium-ion batteries, and lithium polymer batteries. The latter two types of batteries are mainly sold in the market. The products of the first two kinds of batteries should not be selected as far as possible. The output efficiency of these two types of batteries is very low and there is no advantage. Liquid lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries are relatively stable in terms of output efficiency, and in particular, lithium polymer batteries are lighter, safer, and more efficient than liquid lithium ion batteries.

3. Determine the conversion rate. The conversion rate of mobile power is very important. If the conversion rate is too low, it means that the line loss of the mobile power supply will be very large, and it may heat up and even cause explosion. The conversion rate can look at the evaluation of various mobile power models. If you claim that the conversion rate is as high as more than 90% in advertising, it may be a false report. Overall, the conversion rate is about 85%.

4, Product compatibility. Mobile phones and other electronic products are various, circuit design and interface are not nearly the same, the same mobile power supply may not be suitable for all electronic products, so before buying, you must first find out the interface, voltage and other information needed by your own electronic products. If you can try to bring the test machine to the counter. The charge current of the general mobile phone is 5V1A on the line, if your mobile phone is more special, the interface must confirm with the merchant.

5, Product accessories and additional features. Although the main function of mobile power is charging, but some additional features will give us more convenience. For example, there are a number of charging adapters that can be used to extend the range of use. Dual interfaces can charge two electronic products at the same time. LED lighting can be used in emergency.

6, Product appearance and weight. Depending on the use situation, it is necessary to choose different types of mobile power. Simple emergency use should be based on a small, portable power source. A mobile power source with a large capacity should be selected for out-of-service power supplies. Products with the same function should be light-weight products that are easy to carry.

The portable power supply produced by Xiamen Lynsa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.. has a variety of charging methods, multi-function output, stable output, strong compatibility, and easy to carry. The charge mode can be freely selected: solar panel charging, AC charging, vehicle charging. According to needs, it can also be used to charge computers, car refrigerators, mobile phones and other devices at the same time. It can also provide emergency startup functions for cars. It is widely used in outdoor activities, emergency rescue, and household electricity.