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Fluorine-free refrigerator need to pay attention to the matter
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Refrigerator is a must-have item for every family. Today we will talk about Fluorine-free refrigerators. Fluorine-free refrigerators are more and more familiar to all of us. How much can you pay attention to when using Fluorocarbon refrigerators? New products and how? Details Take a look below.

Fluorine-free refrigerator need to pay attention to the matter

1, Fluorine-freezer compressors and ordinary refrigerator compressor structure is different, the working status there is a big difference. Fluorine-free refrigerator operation, the compressor suction pipe was negative pressure, while the pressure of the high-pressure exhaust pipe than the average compressor, so the compressor temperature is relatively high, when used to pay attention to enhance the cooling of the refrigerator , Especially around the compressor cooling space should be large, in order to improve the cooling effect of the refrigerator and extend the life of the refrigerator.

2, Fluorine-free refrigerators generally use R-134a or R-600a for refrigerant, the system of lubricants, sealing materials and other materials used in ordinary refrigerators is very different, and the production process requirements are also high. Therefore, the purchase of fluorine-free refrigerator must be strong technical force to buy brand-name manufacturers products to ensure the intrinsic quality of the refrigerator.

3, Fluorine-free refrigerator in the repair of the process has very strict requirements, and the system of time, add liquid and other equipment used and leak detection tools can not be used with ordinary refrigerator equipment mixed with each other. In addition, the maintenance of materials used, such as compressors, filters, frozen lubricants, and ordinary refrigerator material is completely different. In view of this, consumers in the repair of the fluorine-free refrigerator failure, we must go to the special repair department to repair, in order to avoid improper use of tools or tools caused damage to the refrigerator.