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Don't know how to connect the solar controller ? Xiamen Lynsa comes to help you.
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Many people ask how to install the controller before buying a solar controller, because many people do not know about the solar controller, and next, Xiamen Lynsa explains the wiring method of the solar controller.



Connection of solar controller:

1, some solar controllers are 6 out of the line, this is very easy to distinguish, there are 3 groups, each group of positive and negative pole one line, usually the solar panel is the first line, then the battery, and finally the load, the positive pole in the front, after the negative pole, the connection is OK.

2, some solar controllers are 5 out of line. Generally, the positive electrode of the solar panel and the positive pole of the battery are common, the negative pole is separated, and the load is a set of positive and negative pole lines. As long as the wiring is connected, it is OK to connect the positive electrode of the solar panel to the positive pole of the battery.

3, 4 out of the controller, usually solar panels, battery, load positive pole, when you connect, just connect the 3 positive poles together, negative pole connection.

4, the smooth wiring, we usually require customers to connect the battery first, then connect to the solar panel, and finally connect the load. The wiring is designed to prevent the controller from misjudging the voltage of the battery.